What nanoo.tv EDU has to offer

  • Online video recorder for TV programmes which can be received in Switzerland
  • Integrated tools for editing or shortening programmes
  • Joint creation of school and/or specialist archives
  • Search for films in existing archives
  • Personal file storage
  • Use of films and television programmes – via download, even without Internet access
  • Upload function for your own teaching material
  • Additional information about films and television programmes
  • Rating function for films and programmes
  • Links to eLearning tools
  • Podcast subscriptions for regular radio programmes

nanoo.tv EDU – the Swiss film platform for education

The web-based platform nanoo.tv EDU was specially developed for the use of films and television programmes in schools and other educational institutions. With nanoo.tv registered users can record all films and television programmes which are broadcast, and edit and systematically archive them for later use in lessons. Recording is simple: programmes can be recorded with just a few clicks on the TV programme.

nanoo.tv EDU also offers the option of retroactive recording! Until now, you had to wait for the programme to be repeated. With nanoo.tv EDU this is no longer necessary. You can easily schedule a recording the next day, without having to wait for a repeat.

With nanoo.tv EDU, educational institutions can compile their own individual collection of programmes. Thanks to individual registration for each school, users from the same educational institution can help to compile a school film archive whilst also finding the films of their choice in other archives.

nanoo.tv EDU is ideal for all public and private educational establishments – from primary and secondary schools up to universities.

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Digitalisation has now entered the classroom "PLAY TO LEARN. MORE."

The effective use of films in lessons is one of the topical issues currently being discussed in the Swiss education sector. In a larger context, it is all about technology and educational innovations for the 21st century. Specifically, these are solutions which provide genuine added value for teachers and students.

Our motivation for nanoo.tv EDU is to provide effective support for didactic teaching concepts through the use of emotive films and videos. The educational innovation potential is highlighted by Rolf Helbling, a vocational college teacher in the Canton of Lucerne: "nanoo.tv offers teachers great didactic added value for preparing and giving lessons".

PLAY TO LEARN. MORE. For us, this means that having fun access to knowledge and being able to play films easily are both important success factors in modern teaching.

With nanoo.tv teachers from all types of school and levels of education have constant access to an extensive selection of current and archived videos for their lessons. The service offered by the market leader for video-assisted lessons is particularly valuable due to the individual selection of relevant film clips and easy access to online archives, some of which are shared between several schools.

worlddiac Award 2018
worlddiac Award 2014
Euro Cloud Award
Swiss Technology Award
European Seal of Excellence in Silber
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