"Augment Your Teaching"
postponed to 25.03.2023

After much discussion, research and analysis, we have come to the conclusion that it is more prudent to postpone this year's PLAY TO LEARN for another time. The venue, time and programme remain the same. The new date is Saturday, 25 March 2023. 

Reading the current coverage of Covid-19, one could easily believe - and who wouldn't wish it - that the health risks associated with holding a major event are now already a thing of the past. 

With all the contributors, there would have been around 250 people. During the keynotes, at the joint lunch and for the closing, we would all have been in the same room. Several joint coffee breaks and an aperitif were planned. Many workshops were fully booked and up to 25 people would have been together in relatively small rooms for 75 minutes. Most of the contributors - participants, workshop leaders, keynote speakers, organisational team members - work as teachers at a school. There were also participants from Germany and Austria, both countries with stricter Covid 19 measures.

In view of this initial situation and the uncertainties that continue to exist, we have come to the conclusion that there are definitely still risks in the implementation of this event. We do not want to take these risks. 

We are very happy about all those who will be able to attend next year. The conference theme will have even greater relevance by then, as great leaps are currently being made in the development of AR in education. All tickets purchased remain valid.

PLAY TO LEARN on 25 March 2023 in Baden


At the fifth PLAY TO LEARN, the focus will again be on the playful spirit in the use of audiovisual and digital media. At the request of many former participants of PLAY TO LEARN 2019, we will pay special attention to augmented reality (AR) in the classroom in 2023. Since the AR game Pokémon Go captivated gamers worldwide in summer 2016, applications and experiences with AR for teaching have been continuously developed. We also want to continue to offer workshops that do not directly involve AR, but rather other directly implementable ideas for teaching with audiovisual and digital media, in the spirit of Augment Your Teaching; whether with or without AR.

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