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In the "TV Programme" tab, you can select the programmes you want to record with a single click. This can be done for up to seven days in the past or, if you have all the appropriate details, up to two weeks in advance. All the films which the teacher has programmed for recording are filed in the personal tab "My Programmes". Here, films can be edited with just a few clicks.

In this illustration you can see three areas marked in red on the timeline below the picture. These sequences have been selected with clicks and will now be combined into a film sequence. The title of the film, suitable key words and the subject the film should be assigned to in the archive can then also be specified. If the teacher has produced worksheets, these can also be uploaded.

Films which will be recorded automatically are filed in the "Current" tab. Examples of these are programmes such as "10 to 10", "Rundschau", "Kassensturz" and other important formats for general education. The teacher therefore never needs to program these broadcasts. This tab also contains podcasts of educationally relevant radio programmes.

Podcasts are ideally suited for the educational fields of language and communication. The programmes are available in the "Current" tab for a defined period – programmes which are broadcast daily are available for ten days, weekly programmes for one month. If you wish to show these programmes after this time, you can copy them to "My Programmes" with a push of a button, so that they will not be deleted. The archive is available for permanent storage.

You start a film by clicking on the image. A click on the title provides further information. A brief description of the content is displayed by moving the mouse over the question mark. This information is obtained from the television epg (electronic program guide) and can, or should, be adapted by the teacher, especially after the film has been edited. The language, the year of broadcast and the length of the programme are also specified.

The rating system also proves to be extremely useful. As teachers have their own personal login, their ratings can be saved. Personal rating are marked with green stars. This helps teachers with efficient lesson preparation, as they know which films they will use again. A red bar underneath the stars shows the average of all the ratings for this film. This draws attention to films which other teachers have rated as being especially useful. Immediately to the right of the stars, the previous example shows three specific study materials: a worksheet, a solution sheet and a sheet with the "timeline" – these offer direct added didactic value for all teachers. Various formats (.doc, pdf, xls) are possible.

All films are filed in the archive according to the previously defined structure.

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